Sondas monohaz

Sonda monohaz de 30 KHz y 200 khz

Acoustic Frequency 30 kHz / 200 KHz
Beam width 26° / 5° Conical (-3dB) (echo mode)
Transmit Pulse Width 100µsec ~ 1,000µsec
Transmit Power Max. 30 W, adjustable
TVG Control Up to 60 dB
Gain Control -30 dB to +30 dB
Input Signal Attenuator (-20dB) Activation time 0~300000 µSec
Operating Distance Range 1.5 m ~ 200 m (30 kHz), 0.5 m ~ 200 m (200 kHz)
Repetition (Ping) Rate 100 Hz max
Sampling Rate Max 100 kHz; adjustable, or auto mode (default)
Water Column Resolution Appx. 7.5 mm @ 100 kHz sampling
Altimeter Range Resolution 1.0 mm
Temperature sensor Resolution 0.1°C
Tilt sensor integrated Dual-axis (Roll & Pitch) ±90°, Inclination data resolution 0.1°
Digital Output Interface EU D032: USB 2.0, ECT D032: RS-232, RS-485 (selectable by Pin of Cable Connector)
Communication Speed EU D032: 4,800 ~ 921,600, 3M baud (115,200 baud default), ECT D032: 4800 ~ 921,600 baud (115,200 baud default)
Data Output Format Profile 12bit resolution ASCII Text, Profile 10bit resolution ASCII Text, Profile 12bit resolution Binary, Profile 8bit resolution Binary (12bit compressed to 8bit), Altitude NMEA0183, Altitude Simple
Configuration and Data reading Echologger Echosounder Control Program (Dual) or any Terminal program
Multi node Internetworking (RS485 only) Up to 32 units
Connector EU D032: LTW 12-05PMMS-SH8003, ECT D032S: LTW M12A-08PMMS-SH8002, ECT D032: SEACON MCBH8SS
Power supply EU D032: USB Powered, 2W max, ECT D032: 10 ~ 75 VDC, 2W max, Internally isolated
Operation Temperature -10°C +50°C
Operating Depth EU D032 / ECT D032S: 1m (for surface vehicle), ECT D032C: 100m
Housing Acetal
Dimensions Ø96 mm x L90 mm (without connector)
Weight 740g (without cable)
Other features Use both frequencies simultaneously or separately, Compatible with major hydro-graphic softwares (Hypack, HydroMagic, HydroPro, Echoview etc.), GPS integrated data